Multi-input for COMPs & disconnecting many wires

It would be great if some sort of multi-input support would be available for COMP operators.

Imagine situation where you would like to use GLSL Multi TOP inside of Base COMP. Lets say you are feeding 20 TOP inputs to this GLSL Multi TOP.
In case of GLSL Multi it is quite easy to work with these inputs. You can select all of them and connect them at once. However this is not the case with Base COMP. You have to create 20 input TOPs inside and manually connect each wire to Base COMP inputs (which is not convenient).

Let’s say you did all of this and manually connected 20 wires (one by one). Now you decide you want to connect different inputs. In such case you would have to manually disconnect each wire (I guess this could be only done by right-clicking on it and selecting Disconnect) and then manually connect another 20 wires. This could get difficult to control very fast.

I would suggest implementing two things that would make such situations very easy to manage. One of them would be some sort of Multi In TOP. It could have its own callback DAT (where anyone would be able to handle logic of connecting its output wires properly using Python). This way user would be able to connect all wires to COMP multi-input at the same time - just like with GLSL Multi.

Second tool would be part of network UI itself - capable of “cutting” wires. For inspiration please feel free to take a look at similar feature in Houdini, where user could hit Y and drag over wires to disconnect them.
Network Editor in Houdini - cutting wires

I believe these two features would make working with many wires much more convenient. Thanks for reading trough this :slightly_smiling_face:

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