Multi points for interactive floor

Dear Touchdesigners,
I am a newbie, now I am trying testing with interactive floor with 01 Hokuyo sensor and still stuck at how to make it with multi points interactive, my setup is:

  • Use replicator to get data from 01 Hokuyo (use blobtracks) and create items (metaball) for each uv
  • Output 2 projectors with blending and overlapping (use warping hardware to do this)
    And one more problem is FPS very low, my GPU is RTX4000, I also tried change RTX2080Ti but still same FPS, I didnot know why the frame become very slow.
    Hope some pro can help me find the solution for this.
    Many thanks,
    grid_K_V5_Multi.29.toe (14.6 KB)

Hello and welcome!

As a general tip, I recommend using the Performance Monitor dialog or probe in the palette to help identify any poor performance areas in the network.

In this case the culprit is the the Blob Track TOP. It’s slow at high resolutions so I recommend you either lower the resolution or use a background texture as the second input to use the background subtraction optimization.

You could also try the Blob Track CHOP with the Hokuyo CHOP as its input.

Dear Eric,
thanks for your support,
I will follow your suggestions, but now I am going to the right way to get multi, is this right? And at the moment I only tested with 01 Hokuyo, with multi sensors for big scale also big challenging :blush: