Multi stream realtime encoding and storing solution

Hi there,
If i will retrieve for example 36 streams of raw image data thru frame grabbers.
what are the common solutions to encode it into h264\mjpeg and save it to storage ?
(realtime, minimal performance hit )
thanks !

I think I’d look into capture devices that encoded it in hardware as they captured for that many streams. Or you just have to test the bandwidth of doing a few streams and extrapolate to 36, but if that’s HD1080p streams it’s pretty heavy.

I don’t think you’ll find a machine that will handle all that raw video, even if you work out encoding.

What about encoders that make H.264 right on the hardware? Many are USB based, which is a snag, but maybe you can find stuff that has 4-8 inputs and H.264 encoding right onboard. Security camera stuff?