Multicast and NIC Preference not being respected on NDI OUT

Hi all,

We have an issue with TouchDesigner and NDI (we’re involving the folks from NewTek as well) where we are trying to use NDI out from a TD file. It’s working, and we can see the file locally when we unicast.

BUT when we multicast, it’s getting messy. It’s no longer respecting the network preference selected in the NDI Access Manager and going out our 10G network card, it’s going out a 1G port and it’s not handling it well (the dimensions of the feed are such that multicast is necessary and 1G is insufficient).

Access Manager is configured properly, and when we use NDI’s test patterns, they are multicasting properly and going out the proper NIC. We were previously using a 2021 version, but we realized that was using NDI 4, which didn’t have those features, so we upgraded to 2022.26590 and that’s using NDI 5.1, which should support and respect those configuration settings. Has anyone else done a project using NDI Multicast with multiple NICs and been able to get it to obey? Appreciate any insights and hopefully we can document this with enough info for Derivative to be able to help. I’m not onsite with the hardware at the moment, but we do have teams there, and I’ll be back there on Monday, so we can get any answers and do any testing recommended by you fine folks. :slight_smile: :smiley:

This is surprising, there is nothing on our end that we implement to add support for this as part of the SDK. It should ‘just work’. Feel free to connect with the NDI support people so we can look into this more though.