Multiple frames delay at the same time

Hi guys, my first post here. Im starting to migrate from VVVV to TD, especially for VJing…
I’ve found this cool video from kings of leon, and I’m struggling to find out how was it made.

I think I can be made with something like cache… but, what about having like 20 frames of delay? should I just replicate 20 times the cache comp? I think this can be done with texture3d, but I cant make the “trail” effect, it keeps scrubbing all the time along the array…

Thanks for any tip or tutorial.

As far as i can tell…you need at least 120 fps footage…with static background…having the subject hard contrasted with background, or a Green Screen (probably green screen is the only way) otherwise everything gonna be blurry and liquid. We need to Substract the subject from the background so we can apply delay only to subject.

I dont think cache top will solve this…but imma dig into it. Maybe load 20 “moviefilein” top with play delay…but green screen footage is needed
After effects should solve your problems.
Welcome to forum btw.

Thanks for welcoming me!
The footage concerning part is not a problem, I’ve got that covered, and I’m planning on using it with TD generated material too.

I’m trying to avoid having 20 moviefilein (and syncing them)

As far as I’ve tried, cache top pretty much does the job. About a few cacheselect tops do the trick enough for me, it even allows me to scrub in time, but the messy part is when I try to dinamically change the cuantity of repetitions (IE adding and remove cache instances on the fly)

Thanks anyways… will keep diggin into it!

As a matter of fact…i was wrong…and you are right. Cache can deliver results. Imma scrub it a little further…we gonna figure it out.

but the messy part is when I try to dinamically change the cuantity of repetitions (IE adding and remove cache instances on the fly)

Why dont you try having like 20 instances running…but part of them are transparent. So whenever you wish to add one or two.,make them visible

base1.tox (870 Bytes)
Maybe something like this…but yeaaah…i think we have to use as many cache as the insances we need.
I included key 1 and key 2 to trigger the cache on and off…so you can add them dynamicly.

exactly… im on the same path… but im making it with a slider…so it autocalculates everything

Here is my solution.
I’ve added some math, sliders and lag to make everything fancier…
But, in the end… it is limited to 5 layers of delay… would be great being able to have no restrictions at all

multipleCacheSelect01.toe (4.5 KB)

He might help you.

thanks! thats exactly how i managed to do it.

By the way.
I’ve found that the Replicator COMP is the solution to unlimited add/remove cacheselects.
but as i’ve found out, outputing more than 4/5 cache selects at the same time gets visually annoying… so maybe i’ll try that out some time in the future

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