Multiple inputs into a Base or Container?

Hi there,

I’m making a component that will allow me to crossfade between a variable number of tops, but right now I don’t see how to wire a variable number of TOP inputs into a Base or Container. When it’s just a single input we use the In TOP, but I need something that allows for any number of inputs like the Composite TOP or the GLSL Multi TOP.

Everything I have highlighted I would like to move to outside of the component but still have them inputting to the two Switch TOPs.

Thanks so much everybody!

I would keep it simple and use multiple in Tops inside the Base, or multiple Select Tops.

Rough example here below
multi input.toe (4.0 KB)

I hope that helps!

I believe this isn’t currently possible. I have submitted RFE suggesting multi-input for COMPs.

Right now you can for example use Replicator to generate multiple In TOPs inside of your COMP just like @FaustoB suggested.

Sounds good! I’ll follow @FaustoB’s recommendation and maybe in the future that RFE will come through! I just added another little heart to the request at the link Multi-input for COMPs & disconnecting many wires