Multiple Notch TOP Threading

Would be amazing to have multiple Notch TOPs in a single project use multiple cpu threads.
Much like how multiple MovieFileIn TOPs can take advantage of the entire cpu.

Here is a project with four cpu hungry Notch TOPs struggling:

Here are those same Notch TOPs split across four TD instances (all at 60):

And here is a stack of MovieFileIn TOPs taking advantage of the entire CPU:



I totally agree EvanPierre.

That if it’s possible without having to add the CPU choice parameter to every object in the TD library.

I don’t think having just the Notch TOPs designated for different CPUs will be enough. The additional objects driving it and such would also have to be on that CPU to see the performance and consistency you saw on the 4 instances of TD running the same Notch block and support objects.

Perhaps I’m overthinking it, but would love to hear Malcom’s take on it.

It would make the TD / Notch synergy even more powerful.

I’m definitely a fan of your idea. I hope it’s doable somehow.


Notch TOPs inside Engine COMPs? :thinking:


That would do it! Can’t wait for Engine Comp to make it to stable.


Did the Notch TOPs inside an Engine COMP work out ?


Haven’t had time to try, sorry