Multiple stream 4k60 Capture Card - Current recommendations?

Hi all,

We’re upgrading some servers and are looking at capture cards that can do a minimum of 2x 4k60 streams.

Most sources are other servers so mainly looking at HDMI or Displayport. Though would consider SDI if the price/performance are competitive.

What are people using and recommending these days?

I know that Datapath has their VisionSC range. Stumbled across a card from Osprey that claims to do 2x 4k60 for about $600 less than Datapath. Has anyone used these Osprey cards that could speak to their performance/reliability?


We’d suggest either the AJA Kona5, or one of the Blackmagic 4k or 8k devices. Those are the ones we’ve tested in-house and have native SDK support for. No experience with Osprey cards actually.

Thanks for the suggestions Malcolm.

Does the native Blackmagic SDK support extend to the Decklink Quad HDMI?

The Kona5 seems mainly for SDI based workffows correct? Or is there an approach to capturing HDMI / Displayport with it?

Yep, the Quad HDMI is supported as well. The Kona5 can do one HDMI input via it’s mini input, I think, but likely not the best choice if you are looking for HDMI input.
Datapath’s Displayport card is another good choice if you are looking for Displayport.

Hi malcolm, does TD support direct GPU with Datapath cards?

We do not currently support GPU Direct with DataPath cards.