multiple UV coords

hi i’m very new to touch but making progress. i’m trying to spout in several layers to a mesh but i need to apply those spout textures to the mesh with different uv coords… so one has a wraparound uv, one has a spherical mapping etc. how do i

  1. order and export the textures in my 3d program (maya max or c4d)?
  2. mix them as they come in (multiply, difference etc.) and choose the uv map to apply them to the mesh?

i’m spouting in from resolume, a layer of stuff with lots of lines for the spherical map. and a layer of circular stuff for the shrink wrap map.
the mesh is a dome, and i’m outputting to four projectors.

I’ve been working on a tutorial on controlling UV maps purely within Touch, but until that comes out check this tutorial out:
It might give you a better idea UVs.
The new tutorial should be up next week.

yeah that’d be awesome

Thanks Ian, that sounds awesome! I also recently couldn’t figure out how to use the texture sop’s “texture layer” slider - I’ve tried importing a mesh with multiple UV sets from my 3D application but haven’t been able to switch between uv sets in touch…

just in case you are still interested, I think I was having a similar challenge, and it was resolved in the facebook group with the help of Matt Ragan… … 2255326189

I had applied 3 UV maps to a mesh in C4D, by dragging and dropping them onto the mesh name in the explorer.

The gist is, check the mesh’s info by middle clicking and make sure it has 3 “vertex attributes” [uv] per UV map applied. Then using the phong shader go to the “multi texturing” tab. Apply the texture to one of the textures and then you can select the UV map from the “Texture Coord” dropdown accessible via the “>>” button to the right of the “Texture” field.

Hope this helps…

That link doesn’t seem to work. Could you repost?