Multiple ZED2 Camera's

Hi There,

I’m testing a setup with four Stereolab ZED 2 cameras and am running into some issue’s.

When creating a empty file and addid ZED Tops’s one by one works well. But when closing the touchdesigner after saving the project, touchdesigner will become unresponsive.

Opening this project also makes touchdesigner unresponsive. This only applies to >1 camera. Even if this would work then there is an issue with setting two ZED2 tops to Depth mode. When doing this both camera’s would flicker heavily.

I worked around this by making 5 touchdesigner projects. A project for each camera that sends the depth data out via Shared memory top to a main project which processes the data. This works well but a bit clumsy.

In these individual projects not all camera’s are shown under the camera dropdown. Some projects see 2 camera’s others see just one. But even though it does not always sees its own camera it does work.

Does anyone have experience with this? Are there better ways?


Menno Broere

I can confirm the crash is occurring. I tried upgrading to the 3.5.0 version of the ZED SDK but the issue remains. I’ve reached out to ZED for advice since the crash is occurring inside of their library.

Thanks for your patience. ZED has provided me with a hotfix for their libraries which seems to fix the issue in our testing. Can you see if this works better for you?

It’s also using ZED SDK 3.5.0 now