Multitouch news

Great multitouch news. Stantum, the guys behind the lemur, have “announced” their new products

There’s a fact sheet for a 15.4 inch display here

and a presentation here

The 15.4" inch seems to be available in january and > 30" will follow.
Does touch allow multi-cursor input already? Would a wrapper application which sends t-script commands via tcp work?



:exclamation: the second link doesn’t work though.

Any clues on the 30" res?

seems it’s been deleted out of the google cache. It was a cached html version of some pdf (which hasn’t been available in the first place)

It mentioned model 15.4" for january, some 12" for february and 3.5" for march (I think)

30" had no specific date, so I guess around summer?

On nuigroup someone mentions a price of about 5k (special offer)

here’s a link to Johnny Lee’s home page where he’s got some kooky projects going uing the wii remote to track IR sources.

The wii-mote has a little camera in the end that tracks the so-called ‘sensor bar’ that sits on top of your screen when wii-ing normally.

Johnny’s idea is to make some IR LED pens and, by pointing the wii-mote at the screen, it will transmit the screen coordinates of up to 4 moving points to make the cheapest multitouch rig out there.

This may have finally convinced me to bo out and buy a Wii remote! :slight_smile:


Seems to be available now

To work with that device, it would have to accept to ts VGA or DVI-I input a video signal from TouchDesigner, say on Designer’s second monitor, connected to say the second monitor out of the graphics card.

A TouchDesigner control panel would occupy the full second monitor screen area.

Then the (finger #, U and V, up/down) messages coming from the API would be translated to tscript “click” and/or “controlpanel -s” commands, that would simply be run in tscript.

So we’ll work with you first lucky person that gets one of these babies.

How would this work? If I run “click /controlpanel 0.4 0.3” it sets the controlpanel’s top container’s u and v values, but the simulated mouse click is not passed through to any of the buttons/slider making up the actual controlpanel (with panelclickthrough = on)