Muse neural interface

Hello everyone!
Is there a way to connect a neural interface to a touchdesigner without hard coding? I have seen a case with Emotive interface connection to TD, so i wonder if there is any way to use what is already made to connect a Muse interface? May be they could have any similarity?

No there isn’t any built-in operators for those devices but with they use industry protocols for data communication like TCP/IP, UDP, UDT, OSC, etc, then its very easy to setup.

I have a Muse EEG headset. Unfortunately they neglected to mention their software is inoperable with the new (2016) version…so I have got the Muse Monitor app, which displays the data and should be able to stream it. It can’t see TD OSC In though (as far as I can see) . I do have Touch OSC talking to TD with no probs.

Any Muse users out there who have have luck getting OSC into TD?


Hi all,

For some reason it worked when I had more sensors selected on the Muse monitor app. Strange, but the OSC is registering now with TD.


Hi. Has anyone figured this out?

Yup - Muse Monitor App . - sends to TD via OSC.

Its $20 or so on the app store


Hi, thanks for this info. but as it is an android app, how did you connect it to your pc / TD?

thanks for your help, cheers!

I have it on iPhone - I connect via Bluetooth to the OSC Chop. Look in settings and set them up to connect to the OSC - not at my computer at the moment but I will send more specific directions if you need. Jud

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thanks mate. I will try and let you know, if I d need more info. greetz