Museum Interactive Developing Opportunity - Bristol UK

Hi All

I have a paid Digital Interactive developing opportunity available for Mshed, a public Museum in Bristol, UK.

We want to create an Interactive centred around our ‘Mshed Bus’ that responds to people (target audience is children) waving at the characters projected onto the windows of the bus, we would also like to trigger content based on proximity to the bus (this could be achieved with a depth camera as could the former).

We planned on implementing this ourselves but we haven’t got time to run testing before the budget needs to be allocated to the project at the end of March.

Therefore we wish to outsource this, we are looking for someone that has worked with ideally all or at least some of the following:

1: Gesture Control (specifically waving)
2: Touchdesigner
3: Leap Motion
4: Depth Cameras
5: Public Displays/Exhibitions

Ideally you will be based in Bristol, or at least in the UK for logistics of carrying this out, but will consider others if we are impressed with solutions you have already achieved.

We are open to alternative solutions that you can implement that could be custom coded outside of Touchdesigner, or in tandem with it but would want to see working examples and believe this software is best for the job. We are also open to alternative ways of triggering content which are possible to implement and immersive.

Hardware has not been purchased so we are open to alternative setups which we can discuss. Would like to select a candidate for this ASAP, however development does not have to start immediately, this can be discussed further.

Get in touch if this is something you want to be a part of, or wish to know more!

Example picture of the bus:

Basic Diagram of interaction: