My computer overheats when I work in touch designer

Everytime I work in touch designer my computer automatically starts to overheat! It hasn’t crashed yet and I’ve only had the software for one week but just want to understand what’s going on. My macbook version is MacOS 10.15 (macbook pro 2020). Thanks!

The question is : it overheat or fans overblown ?
On my macs and my PCs, if I launch TD, the fans begin to turn because it could warm (I suppose), as with daVinci if I make something demanding for GPU.
Perhaps can you survey the GPU and CPU temperature and the fans speed ?

Yeah, there is a big difference between overheating, and heating up. It’s expected that the laptop will get quite hot when it’s under a full load. That’s what using the silicon will do.
Although I doubt it’ll effect the heat, I’d strongly suggest updating to the latest macOS on that laptop. This is the only way you get GPU driver updates on macOS, and 10.15 is quite old.