My first 2 visuals in realtime :D

This is one of my first Visual rendered in realtime using Touch Desinger 077.

The structure is a simple SOP Box “divisions”
Points are delete by range " $V " from range " $V " with the same Bitrate of the track
The Audio controls the radius of wireframes and the camera moves inside with noise on TX, TY
I also used Depth of Field to have a deep immersion

Enojoy! :smiley:

like it. How did you do the DoF?

Hi Achim! I’m happy you like it, but it was a wrong version, because the couter that switch geometries was not reset when I start to create the movie.

So now I’ve changed it and I think that this one is better.

I’ve create the DOF using a TOP Depth after the render and put it inside a TOP Level keeping down the Gamma 2 in Post; after this I used a Channel Mix to excluding the black, so I can change from B/W to colors. After this I used another LumaLevel to invert the environment from white to black. Here a screenshot for you! :smiley:



cheers for the info Nima. You could also give this DoF technique a try, but it might produce too much jitter

Ciao !

This visual is made by mixing 3D and movie clips taked from different movies like Pi by Darren Aronofsky and others…
Hope you enjoy it!