MYO wristband support

In many cases optical devices such as kinect and leap are not practical considering stage lighting, different lighting rigs for touring shows etc. The MYO is the best I’ve found for gestural control that can be used in any conditions. A chop for this would be outstanding.

Did you get yours already? I’m still on pre-order list.

No, sorry it wasn’t an urgent request, thought I’d just make sure Derivative were aware of it.

No worries. It looks great, I’ve pre-ordered in April, can’t wait!

Just got my hands on Myo today and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them yet.

Any idea if this is something that TouchDesigner will support as a CHOP?

Hmm, this reminds me. Where is my MYO? How is it?

+1 !!!

As soon as Derivative says they’ll support it - I’ll order it. Sounds a lot better and straightforward than the kinect for what I have in mind.


I’ve had one for a while . . . and yeah they are pretty cool, but they are really quite limited. You can only get their predetermined set of gestures, no finger data at all, plus the usual accelerometer information. It also has to be trained per person, which is not a big deal but it can’t just be handed around between people and works right away. There are a few apps with will send OSC data, so it is possible to use as is without direct TD support. But for me it hasn’t been the Kinect killer I had hoped for . . . from what I’ve seen natural, usable on stage, gesture control is still not there yet. The MYO is really amazing for the tech it has and is headed in the right direction, I just think needs a few generations of development to be what the first glimpse of it promised.

so it can support now ?

Honestly, I’m not sure, it arrived after a longgggg while, and I think I used it once. I would assume like lots of other sensors they’ll have something in their software that can convert the signal to OSC and TouchDesigner can receive the OSC natively. If not there looks like there are 3rd party apps to help:

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