NDI AR Camera App "ZIGCAM" was released! - 2021-11-13 11:38

NDI AR Camera App “ZIGCAM” was released!

Link to main site

Amazing useful technology, as it is with all things ZIG! Easy to get going.

It is great that you get all the AR transform data in as NDI metadata that gets turned into a big table with the XML DAT (if you leave the XML DAT as its default settings, otherwise the parsing doesn’t look like fun).

The 3D reconstruction (as point cloud) using RBG and depth is good too.

It would be good to have the metadata in JSON too, I’m not sure if that’s a limitation of NDI metadata.

And interesting how you are splicing the depth data with the RGB image in two ways.

NDI metadata must be XML, or, you can send TouchDesigner DAT tables via NDI metadata. So no JSON directly (unless you sneak raw text in as tables and convert back to text).