NDI Dropping Frames - A solution?

We have been testing NDI here on a Cisco SG300-10 switch. We originally purchased this switch due to a recommendation by Yamaha for use with Dante Audio.

Our test case resolution was 9696 x 1920 resolution. We could only get smooth playback at about half that resolution. At the required resolution we were getting very bad frame dropping. By setting our NIC to use Jumbo Packets at the largest setting - 9014 Bytes the frame drops have completely disappeared.

Be advised not all switches will support Jumbo Frames. We suggest a managed switch for both Dante and NDI.

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Special thanks to Takanori Aoki of Tokyo Broadcasting System for this suggestion.

Good to know, thanks for sharing Jarrett. I was seeing dropped frames for the last NYE show w/ Touch -> d3, probably due to lack of jumbo packets as well. Definitely using my SG300 next time, cheers.

Ahh, this is very promising. I’m actually looking to do the same, well sort of.

Content server is running Unreal Engine and NDI just released support for this:
newtek.com/press-releases/n … ouce-ndi4/

Here is what I’m trying to accomplish:

x8 1920x1200 NDI sources from Unreal Engine server to TD server to be video mapping with Kantan Mapper, then output same x8 feeds to projectors.

Projection is a modeled city on a 20ft diameter round table.