NDI In/Out TOP Failover

I cannot seem to get the NDI failover to work.
I have 2 laptops (machine names LAPT-001 and LAPT-002) with NDI Out TOPS with the SourceName as “UI”.
This gives NDI Sources (as seen in NDI Studio Monitor and the NDI In TOPs) as LAPT-001 (UI) and LAPT-002 (UI).
I have assigned the failover source names as the other laptop. Ie LAPT-001 has a failover source of LAPT-002 (UI); LAPT-002 has a failover source of LAPT-001 (UI)

Using a 3rd laptop (LAPT-003) I can see and receive both sources in the NDI Studio monitor and using an NDI In TOP.
With one of the sources set and receiving: if I unplug that source from the network, the NDI In TOP and the NDI Studio Monitor do not failover to the described failover source.

Is there something I am doing wrong?
There doesn’t seem to be a method in the python class to force the NDI In TOP to use the failover.
At this point, I am thinking of setting up an Info CHOP and monitoring the received FPS (the connected channel seems to stay at 1). If it drops to 0, then switching between 2 NDI In TOPs.

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