NDI Inputs issue

I bring to your attention a serious problem on the handling of NDI signals in input through the NDIIN operator.

After the six sources, all operators become unmanageable with lag and blocks (TD release 2021) despite the server being equipped with a 10GB fiber ethernet card, i7 10700k, 2 x GTX2080TI, 64 GB Ram, 2 x NVME Samsung 980 PRO.

The same server with VMIX and 20 NDI sources presents no problem.

We are trying to bring TouchDesigner back to hybrid digital event management, but you need to make an effort to improve the handling of inputs including NDI and BlackMagic cards (it is really indecent to have to see TD blocked for 3/5 seconds every time an input is activated. of a DeckLink 8k PRO)

Thank you.

Thanks for the report, we’ve logged the issue and will be in touch.

Can you tell me what the resolution and FPS of the NDI sources you are testing is?

I tried to set the NDIIN operator in both native (input pixel format) and half resolution, even setting the clients to 720p the result does not change.
It seems that for the first 2/3 minutes everything is fine, then the lag and frame drops begin.

Changing the NDI In TOP wouldn’t effect this, except for potentially the ‘low bandwidth’ mode. Changing the resolution/pixel format only effects the data after it’s already been uploaded to the GPU, so it’s still using full bandwidth over the NDI transmission. Changing the source to 720p resulting in the same performance is a good hint though.

Improving the blackmagic stall is also something I’ve recently through about improving too, so I’ll be looking at that too.

Actually, can you clarify: What resolutions are the sources sending? And at what FPS