NDI per-frame metadata

I would like to ask whether TD supports per-frame metadata when using NDI?
While reading 2021 official update post I have noticed following section that sounds like both NDI and SRT support per-frame metadata. However I wasn’t successful in finding further information for NDI in this area. Thanks.

SRT sent from the Video Stream Out TOP can include per-frame metadata making it easy to send and receive CHOP/DAT data in sync with video. This joins NDI as another great option embedding per-frame metadata which can be used in many mediaserver workflows.

hey @monty_python,

if you place an NDI Out TOP you’ll see it has a Metadata DAT parameter. You can feed it any DAT there. Every time an NDI frame is sent, the contents of that DAT will be sent as metadata attached to that frame. On the receiving end you can extract the metadata using an Info DAT.

Example attached: NDI_metadata_example.tox (766 Bytes)

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Aha, thank you very much for info. I have been looking at NDI In TOP, but I haven’t figured these data will be accessible trough Info DAT. Thanks once again :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, the wiki for NDI In TOP should tell you about metadata. It does now.

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No problem, thank you very much :slight_smile: