Nearest/Interpolate input TOPs Preferences


Maybe this would be a minor wishlist request to you to achieve or maybe not, but i’m finding lately on my works that i’m putting every TOPs in “Nearest” state on input smoothness of common page tab. Both for a matter of pixel art aesthetics and for a matter of how i manipulate data.
In this context if i put a new top that don’t have this setting it will break all my chains and sometimes i find difficult to understand which one don’t have the nearest setting.

So it would be cool if there is a check button in preferences to choose for all TOPs to switch in Nearest or default Interpolate pixels.

+1 Esp when doing Pointcloud and glsl stuff this can be a big source of error,

I agree. Let’s say I have a low-res Noise TOP with “Nearest Pixels” selected.

For every new TOP I add after it, I have to change it from “Interpolate” to “Nearest”.

Not only that, but I have to change both “Input Smoothness” and “Viewer Smoothness” in every operator. When does anyone wish for these to be separate?

The resolution automatically gets passed down, so I wish the same would apply for the nearest/interpolate setting.

Actually, the OP Find DAT can set every new TOP to 32-bit float RGBA and Nearest pixel:

Thanks for the tip, Elburz!

opfind.toe (3.7 KB)

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