Need Help: Interactive TouchDesigner Installation with Kinect Azure and Projection

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on a project using TouchDesigner, Kinect Azure and a projector to create an interactive floor projection. The basic idea is to track people using Kinect Azure and use their positions to generate circles of different colours which are then projected onto the floor using a projector. By incorporating a feedback loop, participants can essentially ‘paint’ on the floor with their movements.

However, I’ve hit a snag with a particular feature I’d like to implement and could really use your expertise: I want to create a circle (maybe with a circle top) at the point where two people come close to each other to mark their interaction. It will always be on top because of an over, so no one can paint over it. I’m pretty sure this could be achieved with an if else statement in Phython, but my knowledge in this area is somewhat limited or non-existent. Is it even possible to create a new circle top generatively?

Specifically, I’m looking for ways to:

  1. Calculate the distance between two people in real time.
  2. Create a trigger (or condition) that generates a specific circle or visual signal when that distance falls below a certain threshold.

Has anyone here worked on similar projects, or can offer tips on how best to implement this mechanism? Any help or guidance you could provide would be incredibly valuable.

Thanks in advance for your assistance and creative ideas!

Kind regards,