Need help with changing mouse input into laser pointer

Hi guys, I’m trying to make a light painting using kinect v2 to detect laser pointer as an input and wanted to make the visual reactive to audio, and I don’t know how to make it work. Right now I am using mouse input for the trails but wanted to use laser pointer instead and it will be ontop of projected surface. I hope that anyone can guide me through this thank you so much and sorry for my english.

experimentaudio.2.toe (15.3 KB)

Just an idea but maybe try pointing your webcam at a blank wall and use VideoDeviceIn to show your webcam image live and then use blob track TOP to see if you can pick up your laser pointer. I think using Kinect is more than you need but its colour camera or basic index image might work too for this.

Also check out You tube videos on tracking like this: Flashlight Z tracking - Typography in Touchdesigner - YouTube
or Flashlight Paint 3D - Trace SOP in Touchdesigner - YouTube

Hope this helps.

PS I always start with a simple youtube search in google to solve stuff like this…