Neon twitter wall

I just wanted to share the latest show we have created with TD and say a huge thank you to the great level of support I have gotten from this forum to help make this a reality .
We are using the nvoid twitter node… which works like a charm .
Then we composite the names of the twitter users who have posted with the hashtag #dinonights into two neon fortune cookies. And it’s a huge success.

Kind regards
Blake Johnson
The electric canvas
Sydney, Australia
Vivid 2016 - 4 Neon Dino Night.mp4 (7.53 MB)

well done !

Looks great & the Twitter feed works really well,
Blake, You forgot to mention this is also a 2 projector blend,

Nice, the neon looks awesome! Glad the twitter tool is working well :smiley:

Very beautiful !!!