Nested Actor COMP Instancing with constraints

I’ve finally got the hang of chaining together an instanced Actor comp and getting results that I am looking for. The problem is my idea was to connect each one of these instanced Actors to points on a sphere as you would instance SOPs with geo comps. Is there a way to use an Actor comp inside a geo comp? Or nest Actor comps to get this sort of effect? See

instanced_actors.toe (6.9 KB)

I gather that you what you’re trying to achieve is one of these chains off of each point of a sphere?

There’s not really a good way to do that with instancing. You can’t nest actor COMPs, so the only thing to do there would be to use a single Actor COMP that has all the actor bodies for every chain, and carefully construct your instance input data so that you can still easily use just 2 Constraint COMPs.

Another way would to be to use a Replicator COMP to replicate as many Actor COMPs as you have sphere points, then transform them via the Xform page accordingly. In this case you’d put the constraint COMPs inside the base Actor COMP so that they’re also replicated.

Thanks @eric.b I figured that was the case. Glad to have someone else clarify. I like the replicator idea, think that’s what I’ll try next.

Thanks for the feedback