network DATs showing errors in other operators

This has happened so far with udpin/out DATs and now an oscout DAT. The operator shows an error that belongs to another operator, and even when the error is resolved the message persists until the project is closed and reponed. So far I’ve only see this happen on network-related DATs when a CHOP export to a constant TOP is broken. The most recent error to pop up on the oscout DAT was as follows:

Error: ( Parameter : Background Color ) TypeError: ‘NoneType’ object is not subscriptable (/project1/header/connection_monitor/bg)

MacOS Mojave 10.14.5
Latest TD build

It’s worth mentioning that I’ve only been using TD on MacOS for a few days. I know there’s been some wonkiness between TD and MacOS, so maybe I just need to change something?
IM beginnings.45.toe (10.1 KB)

That’s definitely a bug, likely one that is on both windows & macOS. would you be able to send us a reproducible case? I played around with your sample file for a bit but did not get any errors.

Don’t have the issue with your file but I had the same issue on mine on multiple nodes since not that long. Actually it’s a new project from TD 16600 running on Windows 10 19013 fully updated. Older .toe doesn’t seems to have this issue.

Solved the issue by creating a new .toe and copy everything from the corrupted one into the new one. Very weird !