Network navigation enhancement

Hi !
I was just thinking about something while navigating inside and outside a lot of nodes.
Currently, the ‘i’ and the ‘enter’ keys do the same thing : get inside the selected node.
So basically you have to click on a node and hit one of those keys (I’m not a huge fan of the wheel scrolling).
It would be really neat if ‘i’ could get inside the hovered node.
That would save a click each time, allowing to comfortably navigate with two fingers on the keyboard and one palm on the mouse, I’d love that !
I think small details can really improve the experience of a software, so i’m sharing this idea just in case :slight_smile:



This is a splendid idea that I can’t get out of my head now. I’m definitely in the u / i shortcut camp; certainly the most time-effective approach for navigating networks.

Yes, definitely worth considering. I like hover shortcuts.

Hover “inside” or “outside” shortcuts would be great, more-so a hover shortcut for “disconnect” wires would be amazing.

Also zooming with multi-touch pinch gesture in the network editor would be equally amazing…


@Peeet if touchcontrols like that will be implemented I’ll immediately start saving for a 4k touchscreen and act like I’m in Minority Report all day long.


So long as there was still a keyboard shortcut for entering selected node (regardless of hover), I’m into it.