Network's communications without wiring?

Hi there,

I’m looking for a way to make communication between different part of my network, without using a wire.

I found this way:

But I wanted to know if there were some others.

The idea here is about “kind of” communication bus.
I’m thinking about send/receive like in Max but here we have pull system and not push, as in Max.

I have multiple sources and one destination.
Only one source can send data (channels) to the destination at the same moment.
For instance, I have 2 states ; in State 1, the source 1 can send data to the destination, but not the source 2. And in State 2, this is the opposite.

I heard that dynamically change exporting states is not really good performances wise.
It was my first idea: a script that would hold all exporting setup for each state and at the enable moment of a new state, the script would remove all export and rebuild new ones.

Hey @julien ,

I might see this too simplistic, but would this not be a switch before the exporting null? Or do have the different sources also different kind of data (say different channel names)?


Hello Markus, actually, I’m confused because coming from push system.

I have n parameters to control (this boring long post :sweat_smile:)

I have some sources.
And contexts (songs).

A song is a set actions custom & specific related to the song.
These actions links some sources of triggers to some parameters.
All different for each song.
One of the tricky thing, for me, is : I’d like to have all that is related to a songin the same place (visually speaking) in my network.

Pull system drives me to be closer to the final parameters to control, but in that case, for each song I’d have my triggers => actions => parameters everywhere in the network. For one song, I should check ALL parameters to see which one is controlled, which one is not (and keep static) etc.

I hope I don’t make things too much confused.
Actually, the max => TD trip twist my mind a lot and I know I’ll probably have to think some parts very differently, but that one is very important for me: having everything related to a song in the same place. Sometimes, I have process very specific to a song and mutual influence of two triggers etc. very custom things.


This is not a patch I use exactly as it is, just for explaining.
The one I use is more complex.

and here is one of the subpatcher related to a context, a song.

The “layer” I added with send/receive allows me to address sources to destinations easily.
Not programmatically here, just hard wired, and switching things with the gate at the root level, depending on the song.

Nothing really secret here, I hope it would open some discussions about ways of working, by showing this. :slight_smile:

If you are not shy of working with a little bit of python you can get pretty far. Settings parameter-values via python is incredible fast nowerdays. My tweener is based on the idea of caching the parameter-objects and accessing them directly resulting in near free values-setting.

The idea here is to once map the table when it changes and then just writing the parameter-values directly when a specific channel changes.
example_Chopprojector.toe (4.5 KB)

You can take it even further and implement remapping of values when you have them normalized. Thats what I do in my Galileo-Mappers.

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Is the mapping use exporting ? reference (I mean expression, sorry for my profane term use) ?

Actually, a select with a chop as reference is easy to catch.
I’d have one select like that per visuals parameters I need to control, connected to a null, that latter referenced as an expression for the considered visual parameter.
and a script that could change the chop name referenced for each song.

No Exporting or refferencing. I’m just setting the value of the parameter via script, kinda “pushing” the change to the target.
Has the downside that you cannot always now from where you are actually changing the parameters, but I have my whole workflow built arround that concept.

but setting the value like this, for channels and bunch of parameters is costy no?
(real question, trying to figure this out)