Neutone audioAnalysis

I came across this Neutone integration inside the audioAnalysis palette component.
It tells to download a VST3 on
So it seems to be an AI toolbox allowing to isolate audio tracks and also generate new sound.
Anyway, I couldn’t find the VST file on their website, the only download available is an executable plugin. The setup triggered my antivirus, and I’ve then sent the .exe for analysis to Result says 100% malware, containing keylogger methods and other malicious stuff.
Also couldn’t find any mention of Neutone in Touchdesigner release notes.
So what’s up with that ?

I use this VST and trust the developers. It’s weird that it shows up as malware, but maybe it’s just a false alarm. You can alert them of the issue if you’d like. The purpose of the audioAnalysis example is to use the Demucs Stem Separation model (look here Neutone FX) to do real-time separation of a track into bass, drums, vocals, other. It’s pretty good!