New additions - Website URL in Profile - Search Widget Update

Since there is still so much work going into improving the new website (still new?), I thought I would start posting when there are updates people have asked for or interesting new features available. Many new features you may never find out about so I thought this might be helpful, like a website ‘release notes’ :slightly_smiling_face:
Should have been doing this from day1, but anyways, here we go.

  1. Website URL in profiles - Along with the numerous social URLs you can add to your personal Profile Page, we’ve now added one for simply your website URL. To access this, go to MY ACCOUNT > EDIT PROFILE and fill in the Website URL field.

  2. Search Widget - The search widget used in the COMMUNITY, SHOWCASE, TUTORIALS section etc got some tweaks. Previously when you entered a search term the field would close again hiding your search from you and being a little confusing if you forgot you had done a search.

    Now when you search, first, the “Filters” section collapses down to just a icon so you get more room to see your search term typed in, and when you make the serach it stays open in this format so you can see the term you are actively searching. Furthermore, before you used to have to actaully remove the search term by entering the text field and deleting the text, now you can simply click the “x” and the search is cleared out.

We are still working on a few little hiccups on the search widget but it is so much improved from before we made it live while we polish some other behavior.