New Beginner Tutorial: Arduino and TouchDesigner

Hello everybody!

I want to share with the community on this forum the new tutorial that I’ve just edited and uploaded. It’s my first tutorial, so probably there will be some mistakes. It covers the basic of using Arduino and TouchDesigner together, step by step.

I know there are a few videos out there, but as I was learning, I felt that there is not a video with the whole process where it is well explainded. I did some research on this forum, on the internet and Youtube, and here it is the result of all of that process.

If you want to check some more about my work, I upload content to my instagram account from time to time: @bsment.23

Hope you like it! Cheers!

Hi @pgl23, I recommend also adding your tutorials to our COMMUNITY section for Tutorials, a lot of people will find it there. To do this go to MY ACCOUNT and click the Tutorial icon under “Create Community Post”.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks a lot, Ben! I’ve already uploaded the content as you told me, and right now the community post is waiting for approval. So this is it!


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