New CPlusPlus CHOP plugin for Slamtec A1

Hey folx!

If anyone has one of the Slamtec lidar sensors laying around, I’ve just released the first version of a cpp chop plugin for hooking it up to TD. I’ve only used it with the A1, but I think it might work with the A2 and A3. Feedback and code PRs welcome!

(Please be kind—it’s been ages since I’ve written c++ or done any project wrangling in visual studio.) … s/tag/v0.1

Update to v.2! … es/tag/0.2


  • Data now properly fills out all of the samples in the CHOP in Cartesian mode
  • Data doesn’t persist in spots where distance goes from non-zero to zero

Hi Thepelkus, thank you so much for your sharing!
I’m a newbie in lidar and I’m very interested in your experience.
What kind of data the A1 and your CHOP will give?
Am I right supposing that I will get a grid of values representing the distance of obstacles from the device at each angle?
My idea is to use it to get position of a ball hitting a wall, for example.
Thank you in advance.

That’s about right! The device returns a set of signals that are basically (angle, distance) pairs. The plugin allows you to take that data in as two channels of a CHOP representing angle and distance, or there’s a setting that allows you to switch the channels to be (x, y) pairs.

Hopefully I’ll get around to making a sample video of working with it one of these days!