New installer didin't remove old installation?

I have just installed version 2020.23680 on Windows 10 and have noticed that both old version and new one are present in Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features.

I guess this might be caused by new installer. During installation I have chosen to replace the old version. However these two items in Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features seem a bit suspicious. By looking at C:\Program Files\Derivative\TouchDesigner it seems like everything is all right. Please what would be preferred way of solving this “doubled version” in control panel? Thanks.

It should have removed it, but Windows has 1000 ways of not working.

Go back to Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs, select the old one and click uninstall and everything should be good.

Thanks for info. I might just add a word of warning for those, who will uninstall the old version - it actually removed my new version, so keep that in mind in case you experience the same situation.