New M1 Macbook Pros and TD

Hi there,
I have a desktop PC which is working great but need to get a macbook pro as I use Logic Pro for music. I will also use the macbook pro for live TD stuff. Does anyone have experience with TD and the new 2022 macbook pros? They are damn expensive if you want the high end hardware ones so trying to figure out what is the best bang for the buck and how many bells and whistles i would really need.
Thanks in advance!

Hey fuzz,

old post, so I don’t know if you’re still checking here but I can say that the M1 SoCs perform very well for their power usage and size, however your caution is not unwarranted. I personally have owned a 2020 M1 MacBook Pro base spec, no cpu or ram upgrades for about 14 months now. I feel that the majority of issues encountered on these new chips can be attributed to ARM/x86 compatibility, and throw macOS on top of all of that and you get slower development periods to resolve and optimize.

That being said, I still use this laptop with TD and it’s a champ. I’m nowhere near skilled or advanced when it comes to tinkering with the program but I have a junky project with enough crap in it that’ll bog my 3080 equipped PC to 45 fps. Take that project to the MBP and it can push 19 fps on battery for about 4.5 hours.

If you know of a stress test that you’re familiar with that I can replicate/copy/download and run on this hardware, feel free to let me know and I’ll share the results. I know you’re probably eyeing the M1Pro/Max, so it’ll help you get a worst case scenario with my entry hardware.


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awesome thank you!