New Official 2020.20000 Series Released

We’re extremely happy to announce the release of a new Official version for 2020!

Please read the 2020 Official Update Announcement for the highlights.

When moving projects from previous builds over to this new version, it is important to review all Backward Compatibility notes. These will help you make the transition. As always, please report any issues in the Bugs forum so we can address them for you.

The main Download page links to the full installer, but if you do not need Kinect Azure support you can get a significantly smaller installer on this page: Download Official

There are hundreds of new features and improvements in this release, check out the Release Notes for the full changelog.

Tell us below which new features you love!

Thanks from everyone here at Derivative.

Download Official Build 2020.20620 (build updated March 5, 2020)


Kudos everyone – fantastic updates!


Will this be the approximate time of year that a new series is released? As in it would be great to update now and know that each time you update it will be for the new Year build?

I release this may be a ‘depends’ type answer but thought I would ask anyway,



It will not always be the same time of year. The last official was 9 months, the previous was 12 months. It will vary on the features added and the time required to get it production ready.

We have a continuous development cycle anyways (new builds every 2-4 weeks), so this should not matter. If you are actively developing in TouchDesigner, you should always use the latest build as it will have many bugs fixed over the previous builds. And if you report a bug the fix will be in the next build so you’ll want to get it.
If you aren’t actively using TouchDesigner, you do not need to buy the update until you need it again. There is no requirement or penalty to keep your license always ‘up-to-date’, just purchase the update when you are ready.

Thanks Ben, cheers :slight_smile:

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Great people of Derivative, you have the responsibility to invaded my mind entirely! :slight_smile:
I’m very curious to see the news that the 2020 release brings with it but when i tried to install the .exe file on my pc (win 10, intel core i7) this code error appeared. It seems to be related to Windows Update and Microsoft suggests some trivial error causes that i’ve already verified, such as storage space or permissions but continues to show the same warning.
Do you have any precedent or suggestion to give that could direct my attempt to update to the 2020 version? I will send the screenshot showing the error message.
Thanks for the daily inspiration and passion that all the people at Derivative invest in this community!


Hey @multiverso

unfortunately this is not a common error and as you pointed out, the only offered solution is to install all pending windows updates.

We do though have a workaround that skips the installation process and extracts the installer instead - by that circumventing the issue. You can follow the instruction laid out on our wiki:

Let us know if you have success with this.

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Hi Markus, and thanks for your reply! Yes, is not a simple complication because all of my attempts to increase permissions and solve the compatibility issues have failed. But i’ve no intention to leaving up the grip and soon as i find a solution to this question i will share it to the community!

Hi @multiverso,

where you able to extract the build as described?

TouchDesigner099.xxxx.xxxxx.exe /extract

You can then run TouchDesigner right from the bin folder.


Thanks @snaut, this is exactly what I needed. I get the same error that @multiverso posted when I try the regular install method (as you mentioned its not a common error), so I just used the extraction method and it worked great!

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