New panel scroll options

Are great!

Would be wonderful if there were a couple of new methods to set the scroll position via script or even CHOP. Also a middle mouse wheel sensitivity option and the ability to middle click and pan around like you would in other software would be super super amazing.


Also if I have a container set to fill width and it has a background colour and theres a scroll bar it doesnt fill to fit the scroll area…just sits at the containers width :slight_smile: same with height.

Laaavly stuff through.

Also it would be awesome, if the scrollbars wouldn’t cover the children, but instead scale the content of the container down to fit everything.

Thanks for this feedback. It’s a bit of a work in progress, but these items are definitely getting logged.

And please add a way to set their colors

Colors are still on the list originally, but just trying to find a way of managing the large set of parameters nicely.

Looks like you all beat me too it! I definitely second the color styling options and everything else above, but yeah, thank you so much for this feature. Definitely a UI game changer.

Actually, one other thought for the scroll bars, can there be a feature or toggle for scrolling horizontally while holding a modifier like shift?

This is a feature I love and leverage a lot for nested scroll areas, but if there’s a way to set or adjust the position via python this could just be done that way too I suppose!


I love the new scrollbar feature! Nice work, thanks!

Another cool thing would be access for panel CHOP/DAT/scripting to the scroll positions.
… and auto-scrolling to keep highlighted children inside the view - e.g. a grid of buttons.

Just checking in to see if there’s a way to get/set a panel’s scroll position. offsetx/offsety don’t seem to have anything to do with the scroll position enabled with “Horizontal Scrollbar”/“Vertical Scrollbar”.


Here to bump a request for scroll modifiers

shift+wheel to scroll horizontal in the UI, DATs, Lister etc would go a long way to sorting some annoying UX, or at the very least a way to affect scrolling in python so I could roll my own solution would be wonderful

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Controlling scroll bars of any panel/container will now be available in builds 2021.38130+ and later, through use of its scrollu scrollv panel values.

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