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I’m new to Touchdesigner since this January.
I develop a light painting project quite advanced.
I followed some Mathew Ragan Tutos to begin. Not all, there are many concepts i don’t know yet.

For my project i needed 2 comps i developed and will soon share :

  • a midi auto mapping learning system with Ui basic widgets (sliders float and int, toggle, dropdown button, checkbox, momentary, rocker and a RGB slider color), a list of mapped ui, a system of presets for each Ui widget with a general list of presets.
  • a TOP multi Fx : possibility to add Shaders with auto Ui widgets (with midi mapping learning), possibility to change order of effects, to bypass. I have modified Shaders i found on diferents sources to run in TD. Some of them exist as TOP in TD, but it was easiest for me to include them as Shaders in the multi Fx.

Concerning the Presets Comp i use, i got a problem : in blending mode, when i call a preset, the values go from previous preset value to preset values called, even if values had been modified. I looked the code of presets comp, but did not find a way to change that behaviour.

So, possibility to have a new version ?


Can you mention which build you are using? There were updates and fixes make to it in the Experimental builds as of 2019.12330. So if you use 2019.13330 latest you might have better behavior.

Release Notes

Hi ben,
Thank you for the answer.
I installed the last experimental build but i had the same behaviour.
I decided to not use the presets comp and begn to implement my own presets with store value for each ui widget. That works and it is easiest cause i only need one stored value by ui component.

But i have the same behaviour as presets comp, i understood why :
I use the filter chop like in presets comp. I need to find a way to init the filter channel value with the last clicked or midi manipulated value.