Newbie question on Midi In

I have got stuck literally at first base of setting up a Midi In chop.
I am following Loading MIDI Files in TouchDesigner - The Interactive & Immersive HQ
I have a short midi file I created in a DAW called Mulab of several waterdrops which i am looking at animating.

I have set up the MIDI In CHOP, set the Source to File and loaded in the Midi file.
The problem is I cannot see the note ons and noteoffs on any of the channels in the display.

I have gone thru the parameters and can’t find anything obvious to tweak.
I’ve gone to the help menu and cannot see what I need to do.

Any assistance would be great.

Maybe this is helpful: ELECTRONIC APE FRIENDS - Episode 5: Midi File Playback - YouTube

Thanks OwenKirby.
That was a useful video.
I obviously need to do quite a bit to extract the Midi Information.