NFC or RFID? better for interactions with TD?

Hey guys, I’ve found some examples and trends here in the forum about TD with RFID using Phidgets devices. But idk about NFC, it’s the same logic of protocol?

I Wanna put a tag in some objects and if you pick it up or placed it near a reader, you trigger and play some video ir change scene. I Wanna know both ways, bc the project should be adaptative. Thanks!!!

Irrespective of the integration, NFC stands for Near Field Communication and tags and readers have to remain in close proximity to link. If ease of use of tangibles is a concern I’d advise you to stick to RFID tech (particularly Low Frequency) which has a broader offer of tags and short to mid range readers (cm to m).

Hi I was wondering if you had any luck with NFC ?
I have an NFC reader linked to a Macbook and would like to read the card data within TD.
Any advice would be great.