NFT Creation with Touch Designer

Hi all! I am starting a generative art NFT project and I have a couple of spec questions before I dive into learning TouchDesigner:

  1. Will I be able to export my final piece onto a png, GIF, mp4, mp3, etc to be able to post on a NFT sale platform?

  2. One of my options is to make a dynamic NFT (aka. it is reliant on data 24/7 and is constantly changing), would there be an option to pipeline my logic on touchdesigner to the NFT platform (Let’s say openSea for example)?

Thanks so much for your time in advance and I hope this works out for this project!

Hi there!

  1. Yes, you can export from TouchDesigner to most formats very easily.

  2. No, there is not a way to embed/convert TouchDesigner networks into a web-based application, like an NFT. For a data dependant dynamic NFT you would need something that is web-native, so you would have to write your project in a language that can run on the browser (like Javascript) and then either store everything on-chain, or link that code to the smart-contract calls using a service like IPFS.

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Thanks, Darien for the tip!