Nintendo switch joycon

Hi, i was wondering if anybody has tried to connect nintendo switch joycons to touchdesigner.

Anybody have any ideas on how to go about doing this?


Some googling pulls up this:

Sorry, I don’t have joycons here to try it with.

Ahh, thanks, yes, i will try that out.

the switch has pretty good motion controls, so, i could imagine using them as little magic wands/batons/paint brushes with touch designer!

It’s too bad the developer of that driver doesn’t seem to have any plans to add support for the IR cam or HD rumble… but i guess there is little incentive to do so…

have you ever tried using xbox 360 kinect with touch?

You might check out wii-motes if you’re looking for cheap magic batons. There has been lots of work done to get their data streaming into Windows.

Yup! The Kinect is natively supported and works great with Touch. Search around and you’ll find examples all over these forums and also in the OP Snippets.

Hi, I did the joycons work as an Joystic CHOP, but is missing the triggers, L and ZR also R and ZR
anyone get it full working?