No Signal with Blackmagic DeckLink Mini Recorder

Hey all,

first post but I feel the need to reach out to someone with hopefully more expertise.
I used a Decklink Mini Monitor with the VideoDeviceOut to get a signal to a DeckLink Mini Recorder and into Touch with the VideoDeviceIn. No success at all. Weird thing is that my signal from the VideoDeviceOut is working fine with the Mini Recorder, since I can see the image perfectly in the Blackmagic Media Express. I also tested it with OBS and also worked fine. Does Touchdesigner simply not support the Mini Recorder or am I missing something?
If there’s no solution with this setup, does someone have a better not to costly solution for a similar setup?

Thanks in advance

What version of the blackmagic drivers are you using, and what version of TouchDesigner. I havn’t tested with that specific card. We have used the other Decklink cards such as the Duo and Quad though.

Thanks for the fast reply.

I tried the Desktop Video 12.4 & 11.7 with the Touchdesigner Verisons 2022.26590 & 2021.16410