Node Ui transform and resize, color apply


I found the way the node base interface.
You can transform and resize or color apply through the node adjusting.
Code is simple, me.nodeX, nodeY…etc!!

You can download the example here : Toe

If you have more Idea, share to me plzz

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This is Ramper


It collect and read that ConstantTop’s color rgba and nodeX which located in each rampTop’s vertical area.

in Horizentally, It will normalizing nodeX value.
So the leftend and rightend ConstantTop is 0 and 1.

You can try changing the ConstantTOP’s colors, moving arrangement, make more copies,
And rearranging, copying, resizing the RampTOP.

nodeRamper_xyz_uvw_opq.toe (17.4 KB)