NodeMCU with TCP or UDP

Hey guys,
I have a new project where i want to send data from a NodeMCU (ESP8266 ESP12E) and recieve it in TD in any type. Its just a value from an ultrasonic sensor which reads about 20 values per second. I just cant quiet find a information source on this or a point to start. I know how to send data from the Node MCU but cant figure out how to set it up in TD. Ill be thanktful for any information sources, or guides how to do this. Thanks in advance, Mateo

It seems it is sort of a Arduino-like board, so maybe this page with example code helps:

Thanks, i allready found this page and allready had a project where I used Arduinos via serial port. My main problem is that im not that good with python and dont know how to recieve messages via UDP (I found out that UDP will be the way to go). And i still dont understand how to set up the UDP client on the NodeMCU but i think ill figure that out soon.

check Help->Operator Snippets , the OSC In DAT.
There are all examples how to work with the network operators, such as the UDP In DAT.

If you push the send button in the first example you’ll see UDP messages coming in.

So i allready figured out how to set up the Node MCU and can receive messages with a UDP Sender Software but in TD i receive nothing. In the UDP In Dat i dont have a possibility to set up the IP of the Node MCU. I guess thats the Problem but i dont know what to do to set it up. Anyway thanks for the snippet. It showed me how to program the output of the received messages.

Hey,its work in progress but this could help you out ! :slight_smile: