Non-linear increase in value

So I need to progress beyond absTime.seconds for increasing Transform x,y,z values.
What are some best practices to create non-linear increases in values?
I want to increase x,y or z Transform parameters in a more organic way with changing or even random velocity to create more organic motion.

Can this be done with code snippets or is it better to use a combination of CHOPs?

The first thing that I can think of, it’s a noise chop, set to time slice ON.
Add a math, set to positive.
Add a speed chop.
That will give you a non linear increase in value.
Then you can smooth that value with filter or lag chop if needed.

Hope that helps!


Thanks! Seems like a good solution.

Glad it helped.

There are many variations on the theme just using that chain of chops I mentioned.

Since you are mentioning that you are interested in organic looks, I’d suggest a book called The Nature of Code by Daniel Shiffman.

Although centered around Processing, it still is a great and inspiring source: the mindset & general approach can definitely be transferred to other languages.
Daniel also just started compiling a v2 of this book, alongside some videos on his YouTube channel. The other day i had a quick look at this new version, I think there’s a section in python as well.