[noob] blurry image in TOP viewer

I’m quite new to TouchDesigner and still figuring out what everything does (to put it bluntly)
Ive been following tutorials to the best of my ability, however it is a bit challenging doing old tutorials due to how the software has been upgraded and features change (i think?)

but anyway, I’m doing a year old tutorial right now (hard to say which version they are using) and I’m not sure how he’s doing some of the things he’s doing - he can manipulate the design in the TOP viewer (change perspective, zoom in and out) - which I cant seem to do. Also, his image is way clearer than mine. The only way I can zoom into mine is by pulling out to see project1 and literally zooming in on the box lol. Maybe the image seems blurry because It looks very small and I can’t zoom in on it? I thought my resolution settings were fine but yeah…

sorry if thats confusing, or doesnt give you enough to go on … but i can answer any questions to the best of my ability, also sorry it was a rather long read. I figured this would be the best source to turn to with questions I have, any help is appreciated. Thanks

update: Oh, I was in Panel i think, seems I can zoom in on the image in TOP viewer. But, still is blurry when I zoom in :confused: and I cant change perspectives, only zoom in.