Not able to see .ply as points

Hey all!

when i load in my .ply file and view it as points, all i get is black screen with no content… I tried many different ply files, such as basic cubes made on Blender too but still nothing.

Also I’ve been told to check of when I add a point file in TOP, there is a default sphere loaded, but nothing for me. Still empty screen.

Anyone knows if it is a common problem?



Sounds like it might be something with your video driver/settings. Are you on Mac or Windows? Do you know what graphics card you have, and have you checked that your drivers are up to date? Are you forcing any extra settings like antialiasing in your graphics settings that might be interfering?

You can also try the pointRender component in the palette as a way of visualizing your ply files.

Hey thanks for your reply.

I am on Windows and got a AMD Radeon RX 5700. My drivers are up to date. And I didn’t force any extra settings like antialiasing in my graphic settings, at least I never set this up.

I gave pointRender component a try but it didn’t enable me to visualise my ply files.

That’s quite odd…

Thanks for the extra information. Do you see the banana when you place the pointRender before you connect it to anything?

I was not able to before but I restarted TouchDesigner and now I am and I can also visualise my ply files! So that’s great! Thank you :slight_smile:

I am still not able to do “View as Points” but I suppose it is not necessary if pointRender works.

Glad you got something to work. We’ll keep an item open on the ‘View as Points’ issue to see if we can learn anything more on that.

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