Not all references listed - why?

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I have a problem, maybe some pros can help!
In this list, there are just some of the references that are linked to this Chop listed, does anyone know why this could happen?
In the screenshot you can see, there are loads of links visually in the dotted lines, but in the table, there are only two listed…

Many thanks!

Hi @Tamikota,

what you see in the Table DAT are exports of channels from the CHOP to other parameters. These are usually created by dragging a channel from a CHOP onto a parameter and choosing “Export” from the popup menu. Exports can be thought of as pushing values onto a parameter.
More info about Exporting:

The other references you see are most likely done by expressions or binds - those are not listed in the table as they can be seen as pulling values from another source.

More Info about References and Binding:

Hope this helps

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Many thanks, got it!! :slight_smile: