Notch block information

This is half an RFE, but probably adding some more info for Notch TOP could be useful as 4K Notch blocks sent by a collaborator were not loading, and this is what Notch support has told us:

1 - Go to the Program Files/ Notch and find these two files:

2 - Copy and paste them into The bin folder within Touchdesigner’s programme files (for me this path: C:\Program Files\Derivative\TouchDesigner.2023.11600\bin)

3 - If TD was open, close and reopen it.

4 - Try importing your block into a new TD project and see if that has solved the issue

Problem was, that I only had Notch Trial installed (since we are using Playback licenses) and I didn’t have these files, so my colleauge had to send them to me.

A mention of this could be in the docs, or if possible, a native solution to this problem.

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